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Outsourcing Eng
Solve ICT Ensures 2.5 To 3 Times Reduction In Cost If You Outsource Your Project To Solve ICT. Benefits Guaranteed From Day One.
Consulting Eng
Technology Consultants To Provide Invaluable Technical Advice And Management Consultants To Manage Your Outosurced Project.
Recruitment Eng
Our IT Field Support Engineers can reach your customer's premises in Benelux region at a very short notice.

About Us

Solve ICT is established in 2014 by experienced entrepreneurs and engineers. We have several years of experience working with multinational and local enterprises in Belgium and in other European countries. Solve ICT is located in Belgium and its partners are based in Belgium, UK, Netherlands, Germany, India and Pakistan.

Solve ICT’s vision is to provide services and solutions at a favorable expense to the clients without compromising on quality and timelines.   

Core Values:

Solve ICT believes in long term and trusted partnerships with partners from around the world. Solve ICT relies on a partnership that is beneficial and that brings value to the business of Solve ICT and its partners.   

Diversity is one of the core values of Solve ICT’s business. Solve ICT brings value to business for its clients and partners irrespective of age, gender, race, ethnicity, religion and culture.  

Highly productive teams always find their work interesting and have fun while performing their tasks. Solve ICT believes that having fun at work increases efficiency and creativity.

Commitment and Passion:
Solve ICT is passionate and committed to provide excellent and cost effective results to its clients and partners while never compromising on quality.  


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    Trainings and Elearning
    Train Your IT Engineers to pass Cisco Certifications Upto CCIE Level With Our Trainings Customized To Your Requirements.