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Solve ICT Ensures 2.5 To 3 Times Reduction In Cost If You Outsource Your Project To Solve ICT. Benefits Guaranteed From Day One.
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Technology Consultants To Provide Invaluable Technical Advice And Management Consultants To Manage Your Outosurced Project.
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Our IT Field Support Engineers can reach your customer's premises in Benelux region at a very short notice.

Outsourcing Services

Solve ICT assists European companies to outsource their engineering, software development and testing activities. We have a team of dedicated and highly qualified engineers, software developers and IT professionals in our offshore center. Companies and individuals can hire services of our team to extend their technical resources.

Hiring your own resources is expensive and time consuming. Working with freelancers sitting somewhere on the globe is also not ideal. We provide an intermediate approach. We have local presence in Belgium and an offshore development center in India. Our local consultants can visit you onsite to take your requirements and coordinate your entire project. Your project will be developed by our engineers and software developers in our offshore development center. Our resources will work on your directions as virtual employees. Solve ICT will invoice you these services at very attractive rates. This approach of hiring virtual employees saves a lot on your expenses.

Benefits for European Companies:

This approach is very effective for companies having cost cutting initiatives in place within the company. Hiring our virtual team working offshore on your projects can save you a lot on your finances and increase your return on investment. Solve ICT ensures 2.5 to 3 times reduction in cost by this approach.

Many European companies have initiatives to reduce the cost of their business and operations. This is the right time for consulting companies like Solve ICT who can bring the implementation experience for outsourcing support endeavors to Telecom, Software and IT companies in Europe and promote them jumpstart their projects faster.


Solve ICT can provide a complete software team dedicated to your project. You can hire a virtual team or individual engineers part time or full time. Our virtual team will work under your instructions and guidelines. We will invoice you the services we provide. In this way you don’t have to hire developers at your premises and you will save money by getting the work done offshore.

Solve ICT support companies to start outsourcing initiatives to Indian software & testing companies. Our outsourcing services include:

  1. Setting up the offshore centers
  2. Setting up the processes
  3. Setting up the organization both for the European company as well as the offshore center for an efficient and productive partnership and benefits from day one.
  4. Assist European clients to setup an onshore team with assistance of Solve ICT’s management consultants to manage deliverables from offshore center effectively.


Areas of Expertise:

Engineering and Technology

Software development and testing of Telecommunication equipment (routers, switches, DSL and Cable gateways, Cable and IP set top box) , OSS/NMS SW development and testing & IT infrastructures.

Software Application Development

Desktop Application Development ( Java , .NET), Web based applications ( Java Technologies , PhP , MySQL , SQL , Oracle , etc.), Mobile Apps Development ( iOS , Android , Windows), Software Architecture Design Consultancy and Database Design Consultancy.


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